Technology is part of our lives these days, more so than ever before. We have all grown up with advancements in technology, but it doesn’t slow down, and only accelerates. We can hold in our hands these days a phone that has a computer that has more power than all the computers combined that sent the astronauts to the moon the first time. We take it for granted and even complain when it’s not fast enough. There was a very famous book called “Future Shock” that was written in 1970 that proposed that people will stress and not be able to handle too much innovation too fast. The opposite has happened. People expect more that can be delivered, even at the blindingly fast rate our technology advances. There is so much happening that we sometimes miss things that can help our lives, as it gets lost in the shuffle of new things. To give an example, how many of us actually go through our smartphone manual and actually learn all the things it can do? We probably only know %20 of its actual functions, but we still use it. So here are some technologies that you might not know of that might be able to improve your life or the life of those you know.


Telemedicine is something that would have only been dreamed of 20 years ago. The ability for a doctor or nurse to see patients remotely, even on another continent is one of the most amazing uses of technology. It almost brings the old days of doctors making house calls. They are making house calls, but literally a call to your computer where they can see you and examine you. Of course, this doesn’t work for everything, but it takes a huge burden off patients and doctors being able to deal with the majority of checkups and minor ailments without having to meet.

Medical tracking

Most often, when you get your medical results, you have no idea what they mean. What your blood levels actually mean, or pretty much any test that way. There are companies starting these days that you can post your medical results to, and they will break them down into simple language for you, and let you track and monitor your own health. A doctor is, of course, the expert, but, your own health is the most important thing to you in the world, so it’s important to know it yourself.

Physical monitoring

You can wear simple monitors these days, everything from a chest band to a watch, to track your physical body. Connected to a smartphone app, they can give you a record of your health and fitness all day. They can help teach you when your blood pressure goes up and why. The more you know the better your life can be. There is no excuse these days is not taking an active hand in your own health with the ease of many of these technologies.


Telecommuting has always been around, but it is becoming stronger every day. The ability to work and earn a living without having to go into an office environment is a benefit to both the company and the worker. Of course, this doesn’t work for all jobs or all people, but, the way technology is these days, that customer supports person you are talking to, might be in their pajamas at home. If you have a disability and getting to an office if difficult, you can even the playing field and work to improve your life. It’s an amazing world.

Online courses

It used to be that you had to go to school or university to get an education. There used to be correspondence courses but they were never taken very seriously. These days you can take full degree courses, and learn almost anything online. You can take classes from such prodigious universities as Oxford or MIT. You can learn at your own pace or have structured classes. There is a vast resource of free, and almost free, classes online to learn almost anything. The Khan Academy is a good starting point. Nothing improves your life so much as learning, so grab ahold of the resources and use them.

Virtual reality

One of the newer technologies that will make a huge impact over the next few years is virtual reality. This is the stuff of science fiction and movies. You put on a headset and are transported into another world. You can travel around the world and see the wonders of the world without ever leaving your room. If you are bedridden or unable to travel, imagine how that can improve your life.

These are only a few of the items we selected, but there are just so many more. Every year things change and get bigger, better, faster. It amazes us just looking back in the last 50 years how things have progressed. Teens just take smartphones for granted, but if you went back in that 50 years and showed someone that smartphone, they would be sure you are from a far-off future, and not just the next generation. You have to look back sometimes to appreciate the power of the technology we have today. So, let’s use that technology and make our lives healthier and better, so we can be amazed at what the next 50 years will bring.



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