Advantages of Using a Water Jet Cutter

Water jet cutters have completely transformed the manufacturing industry and this technology just continues to improve and support businesses throughout the world. A water jet cutter is a very special piece of technology which has the ability to cut through any type of materials. When compared with other types of cutter these are certainly more expensive but the reason for that is based on the huge array of benefits which a water jet cutter can provide to the companies and factories who are using it. These benefits ensure that the water jet cutter far outperforms its rivals and here are just some of the advantages which businesses can count on when they use this product. 

How it Works

The design behind the water jet cutter is actually very simple, water is mixed with an abrasive and then forced through the jet at around 90,000 psi, an incredible amount of pressure. As the jet bursts the water with the abrasive it is able to cut through the material. 

Cold Cutting 

For a huge range of materials a hot cut is not beneficial and it can result in damage being caused to the material as a result of this heat. Over the years certain materials have cracked, broken or even melted as a result of cutting methods, which is both troublesome and costly to the manufacturer or business. Using the cold cut that a water jet cutter can provide, all of these issues are resolved. Cold cutting also prevents the release of noxious gases which many materials can give off when exposed to heat. 

No Material Too Tough

As we mentioned in the intro, these cutters can deal with almost any material in the world which removes the need for a business to spend money on multiple cutters for various materials. 


 These jet cutters can produce incredibly clean cuts and they can also be used to create highly intricate cuts. Using 3-D machine heads and specialized software, highly complex shapes can also be produced using this technology. 

Reduction of Cross Contamination 

We have also seen a rise in recent years of meat being cut using this technology as the lack of contact from the cutter to the meat completely removes the risk of cross contamination. Whilst measure are taken when using blades to minimize this risk, the risk nonetheless remains, water cutting does not present such risks. 

Less Waste

Water cutting is able to massively reduce the amount of scrap metal which is produced with traditional cutting methods. The narrow stream of the water enables the person cutting to be incredibly accurate and clean in the cut, which means that there is much less volume of off cuts when compared to more traditional cutting methods. 

The accuracy of a water jet cutter can be as fine as 0.13mm which is why it is able to provide such sheer and accurate cutting, and with such an array of benefits it is clear why so many businesses are looking to upgrade their machines to water jet cutters. 


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