Growth, Innovation and Social Impact of iGaming


Growth, Innovation and Social Impact of iGaming

Whether it’s sharing your latest victory with friends while playing an online game or celebrating your luck after doing well at an online casino, there’s no doubt that iGaming has become an important part of modern culture and everyday life. It’s big business and it’s also hugely popular around the world, so let’s take a look at how iGaming is shaping how we enjoy our free time.

iGaming Tech Boom

These days there are more online gambling options for players than ever before, which is unsurprising given the global net worth of the industry for 2018 was estimated to be over $500 billion, with that figure expected to continue climbing rapidly in 2019 and beyond. Likewise, this is a dynamic industry that never pauses, always investing to make important strides ahead using the latest technology, while innovating to always remain a step ahead of the curve.

Developers in Canada and the US are also some of the most innovative in the iGaming industry, developing websites and applications to provide greater ease of use for customers and providers alike. Over the last couple of years, this has been aided by lower hardware costs and improved technology for AR and VR applications to make them more widely available, offering gamers a more realistic virtual experience and providing them with a true sense of escapism.


Likewise, the international growth of live casinos has proven popular, using live dealers and real-time feeds, helping players get a taste of what it’s like to play at a real land-based casino. This has revolutionized iGaming in the last couple of years and demand from players is expected to continue increasing rapidly, as more of us have the hardware and corresponding devices in our hands.

In North America, the competition for Canadian players is fierce in the online gaming industry, with both domestic and overseas companies jostling to attract new customers. For that reason, it certainly makes sense for players to check which online casinos offer the best bonus deals, the biggest variety of games for the devices they prefer using, while also regularly checking reviews for the overall quality of service, before signing up and placing deposits.

Social Impact of iGaming

Just a couple of decades ago, your average video gamers were considered by some to be social outcasts, geeks or nerds perhaps, maybe even viewed as anti-social people who preferred the solace of their own company. Likewise, gaming was often regarded as something men did mostly, rather than women, or otherwise as a juvenile pursuit for youngsters. Meanwhile, some claimed that playing certain games also encouraged violence and intolerance, albeit without any hard evidence to prove such opinions.

These are all generalizations, of course, because much of the mythos surrounding video gaming has been debunked, while these days it’s arguably harder to encounter people who don’t play video games of some description. Indeed, gaming is now accepted as a social norm, a pastime for people of all ages and walks of life to enjoy, irrespective of their cultural background or geographical location – akin to how watching TV was viewed socially just a few decades in the past, and still is.


The term “iGaming” may be a recent addition to the dictionary, but it’s a word we’re all familiar with in the modern age. There’s even an element of celebrity attached to the term, with gaming now so widely accepted in society that some of the best and most renowned gamers are hailed as stars, just like some of the most famous competitive sporting icons. This is all thanks to how we share information via social networks, with gaming now considered a popular topic of discussion amongst friends and family.

Whether it’s a fun way of passing the hours alone, socializing and sharing experiences in groups, or enjoying gambling on the move or from the comfort of our own homes, iGaming has certainly revolutionized how we look at video gaming in the modern age. 



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