We have all heard the term “Save the planet” before, but these days it has become more serious than we can possibly ever believe. As fast as our technology and civilization moves is as fast as we are damaging the place we live in the universe, damaging it to the point of destroying ourselves. Many people do not see the seriousness of this, but we believe that it will be a race to see if we can get to a point where we can do something about it, or we just have to accept that the wondrous civilization of man has had its time and ended. Not to be all serious and doom and gloom, but we have to get moving now and try and fix things. Here are some of the technologies that can help us save ourselves.

Information access

The most obvious is the internet and the abundance of information access. We can find out almost anything we need to know. Even 50 years ago if you wanted to help and be on top of some subject, you were limited to the library, the telephone, and written letters. Imagine how hard it would be to understand or even know about global warming unless the powers that be decided you needed to. Just finding the information itself would have been very difficult, never mind trying to act on it. Now, we can find almost anything instantly. Where, what, who, and how, in seconds. If you want to know how to help, just do a fast online search and it will tell you thousands of ways.


Similar to finding out the information, these days it’s much easier to disseminate information as well. If you have some new, late-breaking information, you can get it to literally millions of people in moments. Sometimes the faster you can respond to issues, are the faster they can be fixed. The downside of this, unfortunately, is there is so much information flying around that most people have a short attention span and will jump from one issue to the next without actually doing much. If organized well though, it is the best way to bring public opinion to bear. Join groups online and talk to your friends, the more people that know, the more that can be done.

Computational power

Trying to find solutions gets easier and easier as we have more power at our fingertips. We can make realistic computer-based simulations and see how things can happen and progress. The more power we have computationally, the more chances we have of finding a solution. If we can program in the changes from pollution we can see the future effects better and judge the seriousness. We can also program possible solutions and compare them. Things that might have taken months on a computer 50 years ago, can now take minutes.

We would say that the ocean and the atmosphere are the 2 greatest problems we face today. The ocean is the one we believe will be the one that people can’t ignore the results of first. Food shortages are hard to ignore. One of the world’s most famous oceanographers, Jacques Cousteau, said that the oceans were past their tipping point over 30 years ago. The atmosphere people can ignore for a long time, we don’t like to use the term global warming, as it gets a knee-jerk reaction, but the atmosphere is changing. People can accept heat, cold and storms, but lacking food? That we believe will start the change, and we just pray that it’s soon enough. We are glad that we have the technology we do, but we hope we won’t learn how to fix the world a few years after its too late to implement.


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